• That has a good ring to it...

    Our Premium Ships bells as supplied to the Worlds Shipping Fleets, are available here in Australia through Just Bells, these polished Brass Ships Bells are the finest available, these Bells are made to exceed the specifications of Loyds Register and Solas.

    Along with our premium range of  Ships Bells, we also offer a Coastal range of our premium range, slightly thinner than the premium range these Bells offer significant savings for buyers.

    Our coastal range include Hand Bells, and Sports Cow Bells, all are perfectly suited to be used for Door Bells, Call Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells, and Bar Bells, all Bells are Lacquered for extra protection.

    Just Bells are proud to include the Australian Navy as users of our Bells.  See our complete range here

    Sound good?

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