• The Criers Bell

    Hear ye, Hear ye the traditional call of the town crier and the ringing of the crier bell for centuries heralded announcements of great importance. Royal proclamations, news of wars, even the selling of sugar was called out. The town crier and the criers' bell may not be as popular as they once were but the ringing of the crier's bell can still be heard in many places.

    The criers' bell was a clear and resonating call for attention. In the time before electricity bells were the perfect signalling device for this official post. Traditionally made of heavy brass the criers bell was tuned to have a clear tone that would travel for some distance and could penetrate the background noise found in busy markets and city streets.

    The characteristics that made bells a perfect signalling device then are the same reasons we still have so many bells in use today. There are probably more of them than your realise.

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